holec design
Cernopolni 10, 61300 Brno
Hnezdenska 2, 18100 Praha
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+420 723 404 352

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

The Holec Design Studio is engaged in interior design and implementation for a broad clientele. The studio respects individual ideas and capabilities of their clients and it always tries to comply with their wishes.


We are not engaged only in the interiors of houses and flats, but as well as offices, cafes, shopping and other public spaces. We can arrange everything, from design through production and delivery of necessary equipment, to the overall tuning of accessories.


We specialize in custom furniture design, based on your specific needs and requirements, thus giving the resulting interior originality and uniqueness.


Our proposals are processed through photorealistic visualizations in order you to have a real idea of the outcome.


We'll think for you a practical, and at the same time a stylish solution. Thanks to our long-term experience we can transform your dreams into reality.



  • working on the interior design of the house in Lhota at Dolní Břežany
  • working on the interior design of the house in Prušánky at Břeclav
  • working on a proposal terraces and winter garden in Slavkov at Brno
  • working on the implementation of the interior flat in Brno - Medlánky
  • working to implement a student's room flat in Štětínská, Prague
  • preparing the implementation of interior house in Brod
  • preparing a proposal for an apartment in a villa Na Výsluní in Prague
  • preparing a proposal for an apartment in the project DOCK - River Watch